We are the first spanish company devoted to manufacturing, renting and saling of geodesic domes for temporary and permanent usage. Our geodesic domes gather high standards of innovation, design and security. With high level of exposure and impact, both in events and in installations. Both to rent and to sale. There are many ways in wich you can use your dome, on the website you can find some examples we have found, such as outdoor, habitable, printed and even urban greenhouses. The rest depends on your imagination and the purpose of the dome.

You can see the variety of components which make up the geodesic dome of Domos Barcelona. The structure is made of anodized aluminium and stainless steel. The coatings are made of high-quality PVC for textile architecture, made in France and welded at high frequency. Among more than 1500 references we can always find the most suitable material for covering your dome.

Manufactured in Barcelona, Spain, our domes are certified and authorized by the EU regulations for being rented, sold and located everywhere. Its capacity has been tested against strong wind, heavy rains and snowfalls. Just ask us for your dome’s needs and we and our egineers will manage.

From Catalonia, Spain, to the rest of the world we are able to work on a geodesic dome for each one of our clients and their needs, from shelter-domes for living in, to promotional artistic events or greenhouses.

We provide service through Barcelona or via distributors all over Europe and the world. Countries: Sweden, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, France, Portugal, Africa, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg , Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, UK, England, and Romania.

Should you have any hesitation, please contact us in:

+34- 93-890-6265

Renting, sales and manufacturing of geodesic domes. Barcelona, Spain.